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3 Advantages FCS Express 6 Has Over Other Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Software Programs


FCS Express is the ideal data analysis software program to use when analyzing your flow cytometry experiments because it is the most user-friendly program available that is both aligned with current data analysis best practices and maintains rigorous quality control standards.

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4 Steps To Validate Flow Cytometry Antibodies And Improve Reproducibility


Until we have access to well-validated recombinant antibodies produced under tightly regulated conditions, researchers need to exercise good judgment regarding these critical biological reagents. These 4 steps will help ensure that your results are consistent and reproducible. This will both reassure your reviewers that your data is of high quality, and allow for researchers at other institutions to successfully replicate your results. In addition, identifying antibody duds early on will save you time and money in the long run. Don’t shirk the work of ensuring your antibodies are working correctly and targeting the right proteins.

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Why Understanding Fluorochromes Is Important In Flow Cytometry


Considerations that must be made when choosing fluorochromes include the brightness of the dyes in question, the instrument configuration, and the staining protocol. Each of these factors will impact the quality of the data because of issues related to spectral spillover, staining, loss of signal because of tandem dye degradation, the ability to get an antibody/fluorochrome into a cell, and more. It takes time and effort to develop and optimize a panel. If one fluorochrome doesn’t work, consider why it may have failed and look for alternatives.

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5 Steps For Accurate Flow Cytometry Statistical Analysis Results


It is critical to prepare for your statistical analysis at the beginning of the experimental design process. This will ensure the correct data is extracted, the proper test applied, and that sufficient replicates are obtained so that if an effect is to be found, it will be found. Here are five considerations to implement into your experimental design to ensure the best statistical methods so that your data stands up to review.

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3 Guidelines For Setting Compensation Controls In Flow Cytometry Experiments

Guidelines for setting flow cytometry compensation controls

Fluorescence compensation is not possible without proper controls, so it is critical to spend the time and effort to generate high-quality controls in the preparation of an experiment. For a compensation control to be considered “good” or “proper”, each compensation control must be as bright as or brighter than the experimental stain, autofluorescence should be the same for the positive and negative populations used for the compensation calculation in each channel, and the fluorophore used must be the exact fluorophore (i.e. same molecular structure) that is used in the experimental sample.

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