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FCS Express 6

FCS Express is a suite of flow cytometry analysis tools developed by De Novo Software to enable biological research professionals to generate rapid data results in various custom outputs layouts. FCS Express, available for both PC and MacOS, has a familiar Microsoft Office interface for cytometry data analysis, which allows the user to analyse their data as if they are creating a PowerPoint presentation. It has drag and drop capability throughout including for moving data files from the data... Read Full Review


The FlowJo flow cytometry software application allows researchers to analyze the entirety of their experiments, even if there are numerous samples. The software application is developed with an environment that integrates the features, which allows users to view and analyze their data in a single location. One area of the application is called the workspace. This section consists of samples that are loaded, as well as gates and statistics. All of the information that is on the workspace is... Read Full Review


The Kaluza flow analysis software application is produced by Beckman Coulter. The focus of the application is users who produce large quantities of data. Kaluza is a software solution that is capable of performing real-time flow cytometry analysis of up to 10 million cell events. There are several usability features in Kaluza that allow the user to do more data analyzing than clicking their mouse. Kaluza includes a radial menu that lessens the number of interactions that users have with the... Read Full Review


Winlist™ is a flow cytometry software application developed by Verity Software House. The application is able to read flow cytometry software (FCS) files. It also includes region tools. Users are able to create overlays and reports that automatically update. The overlays are available for both 1P and 2P plots. Winlist supports manual compensation using N-Color Compensation™. This manual method involves the system using the default compensation setting and allowing the researcher to make... Read Full Review


FlowLogic is one of three software applications that is developed by Inivai Technologies. The FlowLogic platform consists of four software products that provide specific functions in the flow analysis process: gatelogic™, platelogic™, graphiclogic™, and doclogic™ . The benefit of having all products together is to create a continuous flow between the different operations. FlowLogic also allows users to perform their analysis more efficiently since they are using compatible tools. The... Read Full Review
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