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BD Fusion

The BD FACSAria™ Fusion is a flow cytometer that provides cell sorting. The instrument performs the tasks required for flow cytometry using BD FACSDiva™ software. The software provides the setup, acquirement, and analysis tasks with only minimal intervention required from the operator. This software is compatible with common BD cell sorters and analyzers. This enables researchers to utilize other systems for specific tasks without having to worry about incompatibility. In addition to... Read Full Review

Beckman Coulter CytoFlex

The CytoFLEX by Beckman Coulter is a flow cytometer that is designed with a total of 21 configurations. The system consists of 13 colors and 3 lasers. If an operator opts for the system’s violet laser, they can set the system to calculate side scatter using 405nm for the nanoparticle detection. If necessary, the CytoFLEX is able to provide parameter measurements for light scattering using the 488nm laser. The 405nm laser may also be used in this situation. The system has a compact design,... Read Full Review

Beckman Coulter Astrios

The MoFlow® Astrios instrument by Beckman Coulter is a combination of the original MoFlow and the MoFlow XDP. This combination of instruments results in a machine that contains a wide selection of lasers and capabilities for cell sorting. The MoFlowAstrios is designed with several new features. The auto start up feature allows the operator to determine the settings for auto start of the fluidics and lasers. The system has a touch screen. The auto QC feature of the MoFlowAstrios allows... Read Full Review

Acea Novocyte

The NovoCyte is a flow cytometer is developed by ACEA Biosciences, Inc. One of the main features of the system is that it is customizable. The operator has the option to choose to use 1 or up to 3 lasers. As necessary, operators can also exchange filters and use numerous analysis formats and sampling. The system is able to detect up to 15 parameters. Another significant feature of the NovoCyte is the volumetric fluidics system that performs counting that is direct absolute. This is contrary... Read Full Review

Millipore FlowSight

The Millipore FlowSight® is an image collection system that generates as many as 12 images of the cells that are being analyzed. This system includes 12 channels that are designed to generate brightfield, a maximum of 10 fluorescence imagery channels, and a darkfield. The range of channel detection coupled with the system’s four excitation enable the FlowSight to measure as many as 10 fluorescent probes at the same time. The 12 channels are a feature that no other compact flow cytometry... Read Full Review

Thermo Fisher Attune NxT

The Attune® NxT Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer is a product that is offered by Life Technologies, a brand that is under the umbrella of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The unique name of this flow cytometer refers to the technology it uses to process cells. Instead of the common method of grouping cells using hydrodynamic forces, the Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer is designed to use ultrasonic waves that places the test cells in a single line that appears at the core axis of a... Read Full Review

Biorad S3

The S3e™ Cell Sorter is a cell sorter that is developed by Bio-Rad Laboratories Resources, a company that produces a variety of products to assist researchers of life science, biopharmaceutical processing, and clinical diagnostics. The S3e Cell Sorter is considered a compact, benchtop system that uses true jet-in air sorting. The level of purification that the system uses is greater than 99%. The S3e includes several features. The S3e Cell Sorter includes two unique features. ProDrop™... Read Full Review

Beckman Coulter Gallios

Beckman Coulter offers several flow cytometers. The Gallios™ is a system is designed to acquire as many as 10 colors. The system also includes an optical system that enables it to handle multicolor assays. There are several other features of the Gallios instrument. The Gallios offers four laser configurations. The six-color configuration includes 2 lasers consisting of Blue 488 nm and Red 638 nm). The eight-color configuration consists of 2 lasers that are Blue 488 and Red 638. The 10-color... Read Full Review

Amnis ImageStream

The ImageStream® x Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer is an instrument that includes CCD camera in time-delay integration, extended depth of field, and multispectral imaging. The CCD camera functions with time delay integration (TDI) that is a mode that uses an electrical system to track the movements of objects and then moves the pixel count of those objects one row at a time. When the system reaches the last row, it then collects the aggregated pixel content. The multispectral imaging system... Read Full Review


The Muse® Cell Analyzer is a compact cytometry instrument that is designed to allow biomedical researchers to perform cell sample setup and analysis in a few steps. The Muse instrument provides a wide variety of cell analysis miniaturized optics and by using microcapillary technology. These features of the system take up less space. In contrast to instruments that are based on images, the Muse uses a laser-based system to detect fluorescence. The design of the Muse Cell Analyzer is intended... Read Full Review

BD Canto

The BD FACSCanto™ II flow cytometer is a benchtop instrument that includes several unique features. This instrument is suitable for studies in cellular metabolism as well as studies in cytotoxicity and DNA analysis. The instrument has an integrated excitation optics system that contains numerous lasers with fixed wavelengths. This feature allows the system to have a fixed alignment that does not require any modification by the user. The BD FACSCanto system includes two emission signals. The... Read Full Review

JSAN Sorter

The JSAN™ (Japan-made sorter, analyzer) is a cell sorter that was developed in the mid-1990s as a desktop system. The JSAN sorter, which is manufactured by Bay Bioscience, includes several features. These features include compact size, 3-laser with 8 color configuration, drop sort, desktop software, and upgrade options. Cell sorting is the focus of the JSAN. The system contains two patented algorithms, OptiDelay and OptiDrop that are designed to provide high sorting performance. The... Read Full Review

Millipore/Guava easyCyte 8-10HT

The Guava easyCyte™ 8HT and easyCyte ™10HT are flow cytometers that offers researchers analysis with high throughput (HT). The HT feature of these systems is produced by a robotic sample tray that is able to handle. The Guava easyCyte 8HT and easyCyte 10HT instruments have some features that are common to all Guava easyCyte instruments, such as microcapillary technology that removes the requirement of adding sheath fluid and allows absolute cell counts without having to reference beads.... Read Full Review

BD Fortessa

The BD LSRFortessa™ is a compact flow cytometry analyzer that is in the suite of flow cytometry instruments that are developed by BD Biosciences. The key features of this system include a fluidics system that uses hydrodynamic focusing, a patented optics system, integrated software for acquisition and analysis, and options to enhance the workflow. The fluidics system starts with hydrodynamic focusing, which uses pressure to push the cells in a sample to the location where they will be... Read Full Review

BD X20

The BD LSRFortessa™ X20 is a cell analyzer that has the capability to detect as many as 18 colors at the same time while supporting 5 lasers. The instrument is designed as a desktop system that requires minimal space, but with performance that at least equals that of larger systems. There are customizable options for the number of wavelengths (up to 16) and laser power. The BD LSRFortessa X20 has a compact size that allows it to fit into most work space areas. Its design also features... Read Full Review


The BD LSR II is a flow cytometer that is offered by BD Biosciences. This instrument has several significant features that include advanced fluidics system, high-performance data acquisition and analysis, and a unique optics system. The BD LSR II is designed with 4 lasers line colors (488 nm blue, 640 nm red, 405 nm violet, and 355 nm UV). The system is capable of detecting up to 12 parameters at the same time. The laser power for the excitation optics varies. The blue 488 nm laser’s power... Read Full Review

Millipore/Guava easyCyte 5HT

The Guava easyCyte™ 5HT s a single laser-configuration flow cytometer that is manufactured by EMD Millipore. This compact system is part of the Guava easyCyte group of systems. One of the most significant features of the Guava easyCyte is the microcapillary flow cell system. This patented system is different from the traditional systems that includes a sheath fluid system. This feature enables the Guava easyCyte 5HT to work with an assortment of cells. The flow cell of this instrument aligns... Read Full Review

MiltenyiMACSQuant 10

The MACSQuant® Analyzer 10 is a cell analyzer that is developed by MiltenylBiotec to perform automated multi-color flow cytometry. This instrument is a benchtop flow cytometer that is designed to occupy a minimal amount of space. The highlights of this machine include its optical system, multi-sample capability, and aut nm, omated system for labeling MACSQuant column that is used for magnetic rare cell pre-enrichment. The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 consists of three lasers that have wavelengths... Read Full Review

MiltenyiMACSQuant VYB

The MACSQuant VYB is a flow cytometer that Miltenyi offers as a flexible instrument that is designed as the company’s “yellow laser.” The instrument’s configuration is built on the design of the MACSQuant Analyzer with an optical yellow laser configuration. The optical configuration of the MACSQuant VYB consists of four lasers: one violet, one blue, and two yellow. The wavelength of the lasers is 405 nm, 488, and 561 nm, respectively. The instrument is capable of detecting up to 10... Read Full Review

BD Calibur

The BD FACSCalibur™ is a flow cytometry instrument that performs operations that are associated with analyzing and sorting cell samples. This benchtop instrument offers researchers numerous features. The BD FACSCalibur set the standard for performing multi-color analysis using a unique optical system, dual-laser technology, and interbeam compensation. The key to this optical system are two spatially separated lasers that limit the requirement for compensation and allows flexible fluorochrome... Read Full Review


A cell sorter in the BD Biosciences suite of instruments is the BD FACSAria™ III. This instrument is a cell sorter that is designed with high-performance cell sorting for a wide range of applications. The sorting capabilities of this instrument are tied to its design, which involves using gel-coupled flow cell and a fixed optical system. This design is very similar to BD Biosciences analyzers, such as BD LSRFortessa™ and BD FACSCanto™ II. The design of the flow cell coupled with the... Read Full Review

BD Accuri

The BD Accuri™ C6 is a compact cell analyzer that is developed by BD Biosciences. The primary features of this instrument include pre-optimized scatter detectors, flexible options, intuitive software, and customization. The optics system of the BD Accuri C6 includes two light scatter detectors, one red laser and a single blue laser, and four fluorescence detectors. The optical filters that are associated with the fluorescence detectors are able to identify PerCP, PE, FITC, and APC. The... Read Full Review

Millipore/Guava easyCyte 6-2L

The Guava easyCyte™ 6-2L is a microcapillary flow cytometry system that is developed by EMD Millipore. This benchtop instrument is a two-laser system that consists of six parameters. This instrument is capable of detecting yellow (583/26 nm), green (525/30 nm), and red1 (690/50 nm), and red2 (661/19 nm) light scatters—both forward and side. The Guava easyCyte products are able to process individual and groups of samples. The compact system includes vials for both washing and waster. The... Read Full Review

Millipore/Guava easyCyte 5 HPL

The Guava easyCyte™ 5 HPL is in a group of benchtop flow cytometers that are developed by EMD Millipore. These compact systems require minimal space and offer researchers several features for completing their flow cytometry projects. Some features and benefits of the Guava easyCyte 5 HPL are standard with easyCtye instruments. The fluidics system is based on a patented microcapillary design that differs from the use of a sheath-fluid design that is standard for most flow cytometers. In the... Read Full Review

Millipore/Guava easyCyte 8-10

The Guava easyCyte™ 8 and Guava easyCyte 10 are instruments by EMD Millipore that are designed to be used in flow cytometry projects. There are several features that are standard with EMD Millipore’s suite of easyCyte instruments. These features include a microcapillary fluidics system, direct absolute cell counts, digital signal processing and data acquisition and analysis using the InCyte™ software application. Microcapillary flow cytometry refers to a patented fluidics system that... Read Full Review
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