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  • Stay Up To Date With Current Trends And Best Practices
  • Gain Advanced Knowledge Quickly (Even If You're A Beginner)
  • Learn How To Control For Any Type Of Flow Cytometry Experiment
  • Learn Specific Flow Cytometry Techniques And Methodologies
  • Get Expert Information On Flow Cytometry Antibody Panel Design, Experimental Design, Data Analysis, And Statistics

Here’s What You Get

8 core
Private Group And Webinar Access

The Mastery Class includes 8 modules. Each Mastery Class Core Instructional Module includes a one-hour instructional video along with a downloadable Mastery Class Workbook and Presentation. After the completion of each module, Mastery Class members have the option to take a quiz. Administrators have the option to collect and record member quiz scores.

Once members have completed all 4 Module Quizzes, members can go on to access our Advanced Video Training series and test themselves with 3 Advanced Quizzes. Upon successful completion of all 7 Mastery Class Quizzes, members will be confirmed as accredited flow cytometry professionals and receive a Mastery Class Accreditation Certificate.

8 Core Instructional Modules

Mastery Class Workbooks & Presentations

100 Advanced Training Videos

10 Training Quizes

Private Group

Webinar Season Pass


Here's What Current Mastery Class Members Are Saying

"I am a Core Director and have a lot of experience in flow cytometry. I joined ExCyte’s Mastery Class because I wanted to keep up with where the field was headed and learn more about a few specific topics, namely experimental design and flow cytometry statistics. I really enjoyed having access to high-level flow cytometry knowledge online and found many of the instructional videos to be excellent."

Nancy Fisher, Ph.D.Core Director, University of North Carolina


"I’m a core manager and even though I’m very knowledgeable in the field of flow cytometry, it can be difficult to stay up to date with current trends and current best practices. Occasionally, a new technique or methodology will come up that I want to learn and that’s why I joined ExCyte’s Mastery Class. My favorite thing about the Mastery Class program was the easy-to-follow presentations. They were loaded with many useful tips about flow cytometry and antibody panel design. The program reviews the current best practices in flow cytometry along with a number of other interesting and relevant topics in the field. The instructors were great and the cost was reasonable, what more could you ask for?"

Phillip Wong, Ph.D.Director, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

"I joined ExCyte’s Mastery Class because I wanted to learn a few new flow cytometry methodologies. In particular, I was interested in learning about Cell Cycle and, more broadly, experimental design. I have not done much cell cycle analysis, so I enjoyed and learned a lot from the cell cycle session. Overall, the instructors were excellent and the topics were very relevant. I enjoyed having access to both live webinars and recorded instructional videos. I’m looking forward to see what webinars the Mastery Class offers next."

Charlotte Christie Petersen, Ph.D.Core Manager, Aarhus University

Charlotte | Expert Cytometry

"I’m a Principle Investigator and Core Manager. I’m very experienced in flow cytometry and spend a lot of time learning and training to stay on the cutting edge of the field. I joined ExCyte’s Mastery Class to do just that—to keep up with current trends and best practices. Plus, I was interested in learning more about specific things like statistical analysis and measuring proliferation by flow cytometry. I really enjoyed ExCyte’s Mastery Class training videos and was very happy to find that I could go back through the material whenever I wanted because everything was archived. The Mastery Class is a great resource for both beginner and advanced flow cytometry professionals."

Marielle Cavrois, Ph.D.Core Director, Gladstone Institutes

The Mastery Class’s Advanced Video Training Series Will Help Turn You And Your Team Into Flow Cytometry Experts

As part of the Mastery Class program, all members and administrators will receive access to Expert Cytometry’s Advanced Video series, which include over 10 one-hour instructional videos on:

  • Advanced Statistics (Volume III)
  • Advanced Experimental Design (Volume II)
  • Advanced Proliferation
  • Advanced Compensation (Volume IV)
  • Advanced Data Analysis (Volume III)
  • Advanced Controls (Volume IV)
  • Advanced Antibody Panel Design (Volume II)
  • Advanced Apoptosis
  • Advanced FCS Express
  • Advanced FACSDiva
  • & Many More

All Mastery Class Administrators And Members Get Free Access To Our Bi-Monthly Webinars And Private Online Group

Members and administrators will also receive a one-year season pass to Expert Cytometry’s live webinar training series and lifetime support through the Mastery Class Private Online Group. This year’s training series includes over 15 new webinars including:

  • Advanced Flow Cytometry Statistics (Volume IV)
  • Advanced Flow Cytometry Compensation (Volume V)
  • Advanced Antibody Panel Design (Volume III)
  • Image Stream Analysis
  • Topics in Cell Sorting (Volume II)
  • CyTOF and Higher Order Analysis
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry
  • Microparticle Detection and Analysis
  • Data Analysis w/FCS Express
  • Cell Cycle (Volume II)
  • Advanced Experimental Design (Volume III)
  • Advanced Apoptosis (Volume II)
  • & Many More

As soon as you become an administrator or member of the Mastery Class, you and your team will receive exclusive access to the full program. You’ll receive a list of usernames and passwords that will allow you to login to the program’s private webpage. Following a brief introduction, you’ll gain access to the 8 Core Instructional Modules, the 4 Mastery Class Workbooks and Presentations, and the complete Advanced Video Series. You’ll also gain immediate access to the Mastery Class Private Group and 1-Year access to all ExCyte’s live webinars. All live webinars will be recorded and archived for you to view at anytime in the program’s private webpage. This means you’ll have complete access to all of ExCyte’s training materials throughout the year.